About Us

Our Origins and Story

Improving people's quality of life by changing the way they commute.

At shAro, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in the commuter industry. Commuting is expensive and inconvenient. People spend more than 1 hour daily commuting, stuck in traffic or waiting for the bus. Can you remember the last time a loved one gave you a lift to work or college? How did it feel? We care about you and we want you to feel that way every day.

We believe that commuting should always be an fast enjoyable experience. At shAro, we are committed to improve your quality of life by revolutionizing the commuter industry!

How It Works

We connect drivers and riders heading in the same direction to work or college, so they can share the ride and cost. The driver will collect the riders at their home at the agreed time and bring them to work. Optionally, they way back home can be arranged too.

As a driver, you will need to set your route to work, cost, the time of departure and the days of the week you will be driving. Riders will request to join you. You can accept or decline depending on their start location and destination.

As a rider, you can search for routes by telling us your start and destination address. We will match you with drivers with similar routes. You can choose the route that suits you the most based on price and time of departure.